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Best Abs Belts – Abs Belt Review

Best Abs Belts – Abs Belt Review

Best Ab Belt And best ab machines

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Do you want a tighter stomach with more defined abs? Then an abs belt may be for you.

Many us would like our tummy to be flatter but because of work or family commitments we never got round to going to the gym, even exercising at home can be a squeeze to fit into our hectic lives. So we needed a way of keeping in shape at home but without the use of our valuable time.

What everybody ought to know before buying an Abs Belt. If you don’t read this you may well be wasting your money.

The no sweat way to tighten stomach muscles, that’s the beauty of a Best ab belt. The best thing about an abs belt such as the Slendertone System Abs is that it is discreet. You can wear an abdominal belt while you exercise, wash up, gardening, watch TV or just sit at your desk. In fact anywhere because ab belts can just fit comfortably under your clothes.

Are they effective?

Yes, abs belts can be very effective, the key is to use one for about 30 minutes daily, or at least every other day for a few weeks. You really should see a difference without having to do any exercise, the Best ab belt does the work for you. Ab belts are designed to work for all ages, all fitness levels, at all stages of your life. For instance, if you regularly workout but perhaps have an injury that prevents you from doing your normal exercise then an abs belt can help you still stay in shape, without the worry of aggravating your injury.

So how do they work?

Most belts come with gel pads that fit over your abdominal muscles. A charge is sent through the gel pads to the muscles underneath. The signals reach all of your abdominal muscles, causing them to flex and contract. It makes your abdominal muscles contract by themselves, so they work out even if you don’t. This form of passive exercise has been used for 30 odd years buy medical and sports therapists.

How do you choose the right ab toning belt for you?

Well here are some points for you to consider.

  • Does the abs belt have different toning programmes? It’s useful to be able to vary the signal for better toning as your muscles begin to tighten.
  • How easy is it to control frequency and strength of the charge? A hand-held control unit makes life a lot easier.
    How is your abs belt powered? Is it fully rechargeable or do you have to replace batteries?
  • Is your abs belt clinically proven to work? This should give you some guarantee that the abs belt should work for you.
  • Does it come with toning plan? To make sure you get the most from your abs belt a plan is useful so that you know when to increase frequency.
  • Does it have warm up and cool down phases? Just like regular exercising your muscles need to warm up so that they don’t get strained.
  • Is your abs belt certified to medical safety standards? Very important.
  • Does it come with product warranty? Make sure you are buying something that is made to last and look for a warranty.
  • Will the belt fit? Check the size of the belt to make sure it will fit comfortably and allow for tightening when you start to see those results!

30 minutes a day is all it takes to let your ab belt take your muscles from flabby to fit.
The only thing that will limit the results you get is the quality of the ab belt you use!

Is there anyone who cant use an abs belt?

It goes without saying that pregnant women shouldn’t use this type of abs belt. Women who have an IUD (coil) should avoid it also. Some medical conditions such as diabetes or epilepsy mean you can not use an abs belt. Anyone fitted with a pacemaker or with heart problems shouldn’t use the abs belt either. All good abs belts should come with detailed instructions and warnings of who should or should not use them, please read these carefully.

The Flex Belt, Best Abs Belts Review

If you want great looking abs but do not have the time or energy to do thousands of abs exercises, then an abs toning belt might be exactly what you want.  And this is one of the better ones in our opinion.  Reviews of the Flex Belt Abs Toning Belt all explain why.  So are there any downsides? Clinically proven to deliver firmer, stronger and more toned abs in just a few weeks, and FDA approved, the Flex Belt Abs Toning Belt fits easily into your everyday lifestyle.  It seems all you need to do is put it on! Read on for the lowdown.

What is the Flex Belt Abs Belt?

The Flex Belt is a precisely engineered but supremely comfortable abs training belt which uses medical grade electric muscle stimulation (EMS) technology to sculpt the stomach muscles.  According to the official website, the Flex Belt is the first abs belt toning system cleared by the FDA to give users firmer, stronger and more toned abs but without the traditional, painful and repetitive abs exercises.

Why is the Flex Belt Abs Belt Different?

The Flex Belt Best Abs Belts is different from all other abs belts out there because it has been scientifically proven by certified clinical trials to flatten and sculpt abs, and it is the first electric muscle stimulations device (EMS) to be approved by the FDA as a class II medical device for sale direct to customers.  In six week clinical trials at the University of Wisconsin, all users said their abs felt more toned and firm and 92.3% felt the firmness of their abdominal muscles had increased.  Furthermore, it is endorsed by top athletes, actors and celebrity personal trainers and more.

Some pedigree!

So How Does The Flex Belt Work?

The Flex Belt Abs Belt works using patented medical grade EMS technology to stimulate the nerves controlling your abs muscles causing them to contract and relax naturally.  All you need to do is slip on the Flex Belt Abs Toning Belt, set the intensity and that’s it!
The Flex Belt has three medical grade gel pads already positioned in exactly the right places to target the nerve clusters of your central abdominals and oblique muscles.  These nerves branch out to all the stomach muscles, so the Flex Belt exercises all your abs and not just the ones underneath the gel pads, giving you an effective and total abs workout in just 30 minutes a day.

Does The Flex Belt Work For Real People?

According to the manufacturer’s website, 100% of users who used the Flex Belt in line with the manufacturer’s recommended exercise program (30 minutes a day, 5 days a week) during a clinical trial reported flatter, firmer, toned and strengthened abs after just a few weeks.  And that’s impressive!

True, you do need to keep up with the 30 minutes of exercise but actually, that’s really easy to do because you don’t need to go to the gym, you just incorporate the Flex Belt Best Ab Belts into your daily activities.  Simply strap on the Flex Belt and wear it whilst making telephone calls, walking the dog, doing the ironing, watching TV or whenever is convenient.  Your abs will start to tighten as you continue with your everyday routine.

What Results Can You Expect From The Flex Belt Abs Belt?

As proven by 100% of participants in clinical trials, if you exercise with the Flex Belt Best Abs Belts for 30 minutes day, you can expect your stomach to look flatter, firmer and more tones within just a few weeks.  And the makers of the Flex Belt are so confident of this that they are offering a 60 day money back guarantee!  And as 60 days is way longer than the 6 weeks used in the original clinical trials, when so many folks got such great results! So you get the try the Flex Belt for a full 60 days before deciding whether it works for you!

Who Can Use The Flex Belt?

The Flex Belt Abs Belt has been shown to work for everyone.  So it can be used by anyone; from new mothers who want to get their figures back, seniors with restricted movement, health enthusiasts and accident victims with limited mobility right the way to competitive fitness enthusiasts, personal trainers and body building competitors.  It is perfect for people who have difficulty doing traditional abs crunches because it is very easy on the back.  It is also perfect if you don’t have the time (or energy!) to get washboard abs using all the best abs workout exercises.  And it will help to strengthen and improve the definition of your six-pack if you are already in great shape.

What Are The Pros And Cons Of The Flex Belt Best Abs Belts?

On the plus side, the Flex Belt Abs Belt is very convenient.  You can easily incorporate it into your everyday routine so you don’t need to find extra time to work on your abs.  And you don’t perspire during the Flex Belt abs exercises either, so you don’t have to change into workout clothes either.  It even works when strapped OVER your shirt or T-shirt.

On the minus side, the gel pads do wear out over time and must be replaced.  However, replacements are easy to obtain.

Here’s What Some Flex Belt Abs Belt Customers Said

Was very doubtful at first, but in two weeks my husband has lost 4 inches from around his waist. He says his stomache feels tighter! Went from 51 inches to 47!! and still going!
– Cbs on

The flex belt is fantastic. I have back problems and it is tightening my abs and relieving pressure on my spine. I feel healthier and look forward to my belt sessions. Try it. You have 6 wks to see if it works. I saw it working before then.
– Donna Hearns on

Lots of folks have tried Best Abs Belts system and some have even taken the time to log their results on video. Here’s one which seemed to us to be genuine and is definitely worth a look…

Where Is The Best Place To Buy A Flex Belt Abs Belt?

The best place to buy a Flex Belt Toning Abs Belt is from the official website.  The manufacturer offers a 60 day money back guarantee, which is not available from resellers, or through online auction sites.  In addition, there is a two year warranty when  you buy from the official website, and you also get free gifts worth $100.  Right now there is also a special offer on, if you enter “FLEX10OFF” coupon code at the checkout.

All in all, the Flex Belt Abs Toning Belt is a very impressive system with proven results in clinical trials.  The 2 year warranty, 60 day money back guarantee and freebies all make it well worth looking at.

Best Abs Belts

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